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The Authenticity Of The Crystal Ball
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Crystal ball and glass ball identification The jewelry market is worthy of the crystal treasures and exquisite products. Crystals are glass products. If it is very easy to identify true and false in the case of instrument detection, consumers cannot purchase crystal jewelry with equipment. Therefore, it is very important to grasp some simple identification methods to avoid being deceived. Mr. Yan Fenglin, a senior engineer of the Rock and Mineral Testing Department of the Chinese Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, a member of the China Geological Society and a member of the China Association of Science and Technology, has summarized some experiences through long-term practice. If you don't like to taste it, you can often receive satisfying results.

Crystal ball is of high ornamental value, so the price is also high. A good crystal ball above 10 centimeters is worth 10,000 yuan to several hundred thousand yuan. Because of the economic interests, illegal traders take glass balls to pose as crystal balls to gain profits. Whether it is a crystal ball or a glass ball with naked eyes is very simple and reliable. Just use a piece of hair on a white paper,

The ball is pressed onto the hair, and the ball is continuously rolled and the change of the hair is observed through the ball. It is found that the hair double image is a crystal ball, and if the hair double image is not visible in any direction of the scroll, it is a glass ball. This is because crystals have birefringence and glass long and short crystals have only refraction.