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History Of Crystal Ball
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The Celtic prehistoric tribe, known to exist in the United Kingdom in 2000 BC, was ruled by religious workers called Druids, who were the earliest known to use crystal balls for divination. Interestingly, the Druid religion is similar to the early Stonehenge religion in England, so they may be the first to use crystal as a divination.

Later in the middle of Europe during the Middle Ages (AD 500-1500), seers, wizards, psychics, Romans, fortunetellers, and fortunetellers used other types of crystals to "see" the past, present or future. Due to its transparency, barium aluminosilicates known as natural gemstones (beryl) are often used for divination. The inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands called it "the power of the stone." Although early crystal balls were made of beryl, they were later replaced by colorless crystals, a more transparent rock.