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Crystal Keychain Material
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Crystal keychain, generally made of artificial crystal, can be made into various shapes of crystal keychain, the cost is generally ranging from one to several tens of dollars. Crystal key mouth, according to LOGO, company name and other actual production, activities, personalized design, 3D Neidiao photos, product images, fashionable and become the favorite of fashion.

There is a sing: "My love with you, like crystal, there is no burden, secret, clean and transparent. The love I give you is beautiful crystal, and the unique light shines on you and my heart." Crystal became a symbol of purity.

Crystal and cast steel materials and production process, exquisite and durable, very young friends like. In the beginning, it may have also been due to the “cold face shape” of hardware. From the design of these key chains, it has changed in the past. Exquisite appearance, it is to attract the little girl's eye. And summer is coming, it is also a very good ornament.