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Crystal Ball Type Introduction
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Crystal ball peony white, hydrangea type. Straight neck. Stem straight, leaves dense and long, yellow green. Plant type erect, strong branching. During flowering.

Beautiful Rose Carousel Crystal Ball Music Box

Features: music box

Category: Glass Crystal Crafts Material: Crystal Crafts Day is a heart, the ground is a heart, two hearts together, to accompany time through the first century! Look forward to every pair of lovers will always love heart and soul! This music box music is very Nice to hear! When the music sounds, the love in the crystal will rotate. The base is made of imitation ceramic material. Smooth and wearable, good quality, Valentine's Day expression... The first choice... Crystal Ball Music Box is the best-selling luxury goods exported to Europe. Designed and selected by European designers, the movement is imported from Japan. No battery required, clock-type spring at the bottom. The music is crisp and sweet, and taste and quality are unstoppable! Size: 160*110mm Features: The inner love can be rotated, the crystal ball has snowflake music sound floating!

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