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Classification Of Fridge Magnets
- Mar 29, 2018 -

There are two types of refrigerators, one is a magnetic sticker and the other is a magnetic sticker. The magnetic sticker is reusable. The sticker is disposable. Generally, it is used for decoration, but it is also used to record the contents of the refrigerator. The function of reminding food is a lot of functions.

Magnetic products are classified as:

1) magnetic refrigerator: use the following soft magnet + coated paper color printed peritoneal made.

2) Thermometer refrigerator: use the following soft magnet + coated paper four-color printing film + thermometer.

3) Magnetic bookmarks: The following soft plastic magnets (for magnetic absorption) + four-color printed peritoneal coated paper above the fold made of.

4) Magnetic Message Board Whiteboard: Use soft plastic magnet (or cardboard) + coated paper four-color printing film + erasable pen.

5) Magnetic photo frame: The soft plastic magnet is used to make color printing peritoneum on the copper coated paper and the middle punching frame is made. Or in accordance with the requirements of guests to create double-frame, PVC frame, cardboard frame, and other materials of the photo frame.

6) Magnetic Scratchpad: Use the following soft magnets + four-color coated copper coated paper + stencil sheet, or a separate scratch pad to facilitate this.