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Crystal crafts identification method
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Crystal crafts have artificial crystal and natural crystal 2 kinds, the following describes its identification method:

1 Seeing: In the formation process of natural crystals, there are always some impurities in the environment. When observing the sun, you can see light and even stripes or catkins. The fake crystals are often made of slags and glass smelts that have been smelted. They have been polished and coloured. There are no uniform stripes or catkins.

2 tongue licking: even in the hot summer days of the dog days, with the tongue licking the natural crystal surface, there is a cold and cool feeling. Fake crystal, no cool feeling.

3 Light: The natural crystal is placed under the sunlight and it can give off beautiful brilliance regardless of the angle. Fake crystal can not.

4 Hardness: The hardness of natural crystal is large. Grab the stone gently on the jewelry and leave no trace. If there are stripes, it is fake crystal.

5 with polariscope examination: in the polarizer rotate 360 degrees there is a four crystal dark changes in the natural crystal, no change is fake crystal.

6 with two-color inspection: natural amethyst has dichroism, false crystal is not dichroism.

7 Check with a magnifying glass: Check with a ten-fold magnifying glass under transmitted light. The bubble can be basically found as false crystal.