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Crystal crafts classification
- Mar 29, 2018 -

According to the material - divided into natural crystal gifts and artificial crystal gifts, and then according to the corresponding production of fine, can be divided into crystal grades.

According to the production process - divided into crystal white embryo gifts, crystal video gifts, crystal engraving gifts

Decoration according to use - crystal office supplies, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottles, crystal frames, etc.

According to the molding points - Crystal Music Box, Crystal Zodiac Series, Crystal Trophy Series, Crystal Medal Series, Crystal Office Decoration, Crystal Penholder Series, Crystal Tableware Series, Crystal Tea Set, Crystal Lamp, Crystal Lampshade, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Vase Series, Crystal Candle Holder, Crystal Curtain Series, Crystal Ashtray Series, Crystal Column, Crystal Ball Series, Crystal Iceberg Series, Crystal Image Series, Crystal Disc Series, Crystal Decoration

Because of the special nature of crystal, crystal has been an excellent material for people to make various kinds of craft ornaments since ancient times. All kinds of crystal craft jewelry are crystal necklaces, crystal bracelets, crystal pendants, crystal bracelets, crystal phone pendants and so on.